Pension: Every fifth woman receives less than 250 euros pension per month

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news Pension: Every fifth woman receives less than 250 euros pension per month News always well informed Monday, 10.12.12 , written by Anja Schlicht Six out of ten women in Germany receive a monthly pension, which is below the level of basic insurance of 686 euros. Nearly a quarter of pensioners do not even receive 250 euros a month. This resulted in the response of the federal government to a large request from the left-wing group on the subject of old-age provision for women. > Rente: Jede fünfte Frau erhält weniger als 250 Euro Rente im Monat

As the insurance journal reports, the majority of women in Germany in 2011 received a much too low pension. More than 80 percent of all retirees therefore received less than 850 euros a month. In 63.3 percent of women, the pension last year was even below the basic level of basic insurance. This was answered by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) on a large request from the left. The answer is available to the insurance journal.

Many women receive low pensions

The BMAS points out that the numbers are not meaningful enough. Low pensions could also be the result of women becoming self-employed or accepting civil servant status. "In fact, the proportion of women who receive basic social security benefits in old age is only 2.9 percent," says the BMAS. Nevertheless, the outcome of the Grand Inquiry next Friday will cause many discussions in the Bundestag if the issue of old-age security and old-age poverty of women in Germany is the focus.

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Over 80 percent of retirees receive less than 850 euros pension

According to the data of the German Pension Insurance Federation, eight out of ten women would benefit from the different pension concepts of the opposition and the Federal Government. For the two measures, which are intended to combat the poverty of old women – the minimum pension from the SPD and the life benefits of the Union and FDP – is currently a minimum amount of the monthly pension of 850 € discussed. Regardless of how high the monthly pension amount will be in the end, the BMAS response shows that there is an urgent need for action.

Schäuble: No room for mother's pension

Meanwhile, it was announced on Sunday that Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) sees in the 2013 budget "no room at all" for the pension increase of older mothers, which was decided on the CDU party congress. As Schäuble told the "Bild am Sonntag", money is also missing for the Lebensleistungsrente. As a reason he called the new aid for Greece. The Vice-Chairman of the CSU National Group in the Bundestag, Max Straubinger, criticized Schäuble's statement. "You can not just say that's not about Greece," he told the "Passauer Neue Presse". "If both are not affordable, you have to set priorities". For the CSU is different than for the Minister of Finance clear what should have priority: the retirement of women.

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Anja Schlicht

editorial staff

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